Backoffice for intermediairies

Backoffice services for the Dutch employment and recruitment industry


Kantoor OneOne is the leading back office specialist for the Dutch employment and recruitment industry. Let us take the time-consuming, labor-intensive hassles and headaches of your backoffice off your shoulders. We provide services for companies such as:


  • Employment Agencies
  • Recruitment Agencies


Your fully certified backoffice

Making the decision to outsource such an important function within your business is not an easy one, especially when that decision affects every member of your team. You need to find a trusted provider with whom you can form a working partnership.


Outsourcing your backoffice to One allows you to fully focus on acquisition, the relationship with your clients and candidates and, of course, on making the right match. You don’t need to invest in software, compliance, certification, funding or insurance. One will handle all administrative, financial, and procedural issues and is the legal employer. We are your fully certified trusted partner and professional backoffice.


Why One?

We have a proven record of accomplishment in the recruitment industry, offering a range of solutions designed specifically for recruitment agencies and consultancies. Whether you wish to completely outsource the management of your backoffice or if you would prefer to retain control over input, our solutions take up the strain involved with the day to day running of your backoffice, allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business activities.


Intermediary portal and My One

You can manage your leads, customers, and candidates easily through you own online Intermediary Portal. This online, Salesforce-based portal will let you create placements, generate contracts, log calls, create tasks, and schedule appointments. You can check margins, declarations, and review the invoices that we send to your clients on your behalf. Through My One, your clients and candidates can declare hours they have worked, download annual statements and invoices.


Your own backoffice colleague

We’re not just high-tech; we’re high-touch too. You, your clients, and your employees get free access to a dedicated, in-house support team with specialists. Call or email anytime. No problem is too big; no question is too small.



  • Exclusively for intermediaries!
    One has no sales focus on end customers (employers), but rather focuses on collaboration with intermediaries only.And this is why we are unique! Regular companies focus on employers. Providing backoffice services is just an afterthought for them. In fact, they might even be even your competitor since your clients could also do business with them directly.


  • Your brand visibility!
    If you prefer to increase your brand visibility, we are able to send all contracts and invoices with your logo.


  • You’re in charge!
    You are the account manager for your clients and candidates.You set the rates for your clients including your margin. We pay your margins weekly without having to wait until your client has paid their invoices.


  • Risk-Free!
    No start-up or franchise fees required. You have no liquidity or credit risks because we take care of funding, billing, and collecting.


  • Competitive all-in tariffs!
    One offers very competitive and transparent all-in “wholesale”cost factors so that you can deliver at competitive rates to your clients. In case of illness, we pay the employee but do not bill your clients.


Let’s get in touch!

Call us at +31 20 8451074 or drop us an e-mail at info@oneps.nl for more information.